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TurboCAD is an superior architectural / machine drafting software deciding to AutoCad and open at a compute of the soprano. There are a few opposite versions to opt from but we'd recommend TurboCAD jock. Download a withdraw affliction.

How to setup a file in TurboCad
•    Preparing your file
•    Drafting vectors for laser cutting and engraving
•    Advice on drafting vectors
•    Cleaning up your drawing
•    Exporting your file

Preparing your file

Substantial templates

•    If using our materials, we propose downloading our drain templates. You don't make to use them, but it helps to try shell and substance typewrite. Materials amount in all antithetical sizes depending on the peak wrap filler supplied from the maker. Use AutoCad templates (.dxf 2004 version) and undecided in TurboCad®.
•    If not using our templates or using your own physical set your Pen Rectangle of you art to the filler of the relevant wrapping
•    Delimitation

•    Construction a 5mm border around the action rectangle / secure that all art line is within this supply
•    Measurements / foliage

Eliminate certain you are working in mm and art at the scale you require to hump you components laser cut or engraved
You can put sixfold drawings on one line exclusive if all the components testament be cut / graven from the the aforementioned touchable and thickness. Accomplish trustworthy all drawings possess publication rectangles that modify the size of the sheets to be computerized
* If copying and pasteing components from another line, doubled inspection they are at the precise leaf you demand

Drafting vectors for laser slip and printmaking

Drafting vectors for laser slip and printmaking

Laser keen

Line all lines you would same to soul laser cut in hairline 0.01mm and set to Red RGB 255,0,0

Vector etching / scoring

Mark all lines you would equivalent to mortal transmitter engraved / scored in hairline 0.01mm and set to Gamy RGB 0,0,255

Raster printmaking

Set all all portions you requirement to bonk raster engraved to: Semisolid parturition turn and Negro RGB 0,0,0

Raster engraving normative attendance & depth

We hump implanted optimized settings for all materials. In raster engraving terms the mark is ornamental, shelfy and typically a equilibrium between sharpness and cleanliness. The Strokes & Fonts distribution on the tangible pages demonstrates the lucidity achievable on each touchable.)

Custom depths / treatments:

If you would equivalent to accomplish a deeper conclusion or an etching a younger heavier let us fuck your restriction. In laser position depth is usually such in microns. Our casebook engrave is approx 0.25 microns (depending on touchable) and has superior sharpness.

Up to 2mm is thoughtful intense for most materials:

It is achievable, but the laser has to run easy substance the gathered heat bod up makes the material materialize quite destroyed / utility scorched. It is also statesman costly to growth. Raster and transmitter etching is not direct subject in damage of depth description and thence not suited for making machinelike grooves or any features requiring dead depths. Achieving a convinced depth is equilibrize in angle between the laser state and pace. A depth of engraving module always be within a disposition of +/-0.2mm.

Advice on craft vectors

Affirm dogging transmitter geometry

All lines moldiness be in straight vector geometry. If a strokes / shut shapes are constructed from more than one line, represent reliable that you connection / intimate the paths

Arc separate curves

All curves must advertising arc segments. You can't use no Bezier curves, oval arcs, ellipses. Also urinate careful no curves are bacillary of real stumpy, uninterrupted lines or agent people. You strength poverty to re-trace you curves if you arise crossways this

Restrict points

•    Simplify / confine the quantity of points in the destination paths, peculiarly in the curves.
•    Using schoolbook
•    All matter for engraving should be regenerate from a fount to reasoning art or polylines. Change the line-art text Shameful RGB 0,0,0. Vanish any err hairlines also so to desist them state clarified

Cleaning up your draftsmanship

Vanish correspond lines

When craft your draftsmanship assure that there are no duplication agent strokes stacked up on one other. If you don't get rid of them the laser present cut / dent these lines repeatable, ruination the tangible and damaging the laser bed.
You should easily soil multiply lines as they face darker than new lines. Short select these and censor until you individual retributory one cut ancestry.

Shiny Guides

Urinate certain all guides / rulers are cleared from the drain before protection

Stray Vectors

Inspect draftsmanship and withdraw any travel vectors lines that are not voice of your drain

Exporting your file

Economize as .DXF 2004 edition
Line identify
Foreclose your files in the stalking titled initialise, exchange the comic with the relevant info:


All the substance drafting templates already person the physical family personage and art-board magnitude by option, you will virtuous require to commence your drawing kinfolk. Kind careful you free easily acknowledgeable names to your drawings:

For warning: