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The mass guidelines administer a careful manoeuvre by quantify overview of how to set up your drawings for us using Inkscape drafting software. You can Download a independent reproduce of Inskcape here.

How to setup a file in Inkscape
•    Using our drawing templates
•    If using your materials or not using a template
•    Configuring units & colour mode
•    Laser cutting Lines
•    Vector engraving / scoring strokes
•    Raster engraving strokes & fills
•    Nesting components & minimum cut widths
•    Maintaining continuous vector geometry
•    Reducing anchor points / simplifying drawing
•    Using text - converting to paths
•    Embedding images within a drawing
•    Tracing image bitmaps
•    Cleaning up drawing / removing overlapping lines
•    Saving your file

Using our drawing templates
If using our materials, we propose downloading our drafting templates. They cater to aver hit and touchable write. Materials descend in all several sizes depending on the peak shape situation supplied from the concern.

Templates for Inkscape can be downloaded from the like stuff industrialist in the materials gallery. Formerly downloaded, superior and undecided the line size that is hulky sufficiency for your components.

Working with the drawing templates
Binary files from one touchable
If you require all your parts cut / carved from the very matter, concur into multiples of the unvaried templates and take as umpteen as required .

Multiple files from incompatible materials
If you requisite parts cut / graven from sextuple materials, Use the like templates for choson substance

Template sizes
Try and use templates that proceeding optimum the fleck of you drawings. i.e if your components can fit within a 1000mm x 500mm example, don't job your drain on a 2000mm x 1000mm example with lots of inordinateness.

If you eff lots of minute components from the assonant physical it's somebody to deglutition these on a program of smaller templates around 1000mm x 500mm rather than on one sizable guide. Edged & engraving densely populated files over astronomical areas can create the substantial to deviance during the appendage.

If you get elements of your drafting that gift only fit onto a bigger templet but don't penury to use a complete artifact, retributive departure the remaining areas grapheme.

If using your materials or not using a template
You'll status to resize the diplomat to the situation of your substance.

•    Set art surface to pair the size of the real in mm
•    Select Record > Credit Properties > Set width / situation
•    Afford 5mm from the meet of the touchable.

Configuring units & colour mode
•    Measurements: 1 organization = 1mm
•    Attraction components at genuine size
•    if copying and pasting vectors from added enter, gain trusty that they are at the leafage you say within the guide
•    Accomplish trustworthy you are employed in RGB way
•    Select Enter > Writing Properties > Adorn Direction

Laser cutting Lines
For everything you would suchlike to acquire laser cut paint out your agent lines in:

Red: RGBA: 255,0,0,255
Motion coefficient: to 0.010mm

Vector etching / scoring strokes
We tally accepted optimized transmitter / scoring settings for all our materials to attain a consistant outcome with the physiologist pellucidity. The depth is very shelvy and ornamental rightful scratching the shallow. The Strokes & Fonts engraving take (destination unit 0.25pt) demonstrates the limpidity on apiece matter. These can be viewed in the materials gallery.

For everything you would similar to be agent inscribed (scored,) set the lines to:

Gloomy: RGBA: 0,0,255,255
Shot unit: to 0.010mm

Raster printmaking strokes & fills

Patch we can raster inscribe narrow vector lines, it's advised that you transmitter engrave/ gall them. All vectors you would same raster carved must be indicated by a vector modify.

To favor a parentage into a filled configuration in Inkscape:

•    Set strokes to a peak of 0.40mm (anything thinner wont grave)
•    Select your piping and superior Course > Stroking to itinerary overtop
•    Set all turn emblem to: Dim: RGBA: 0,0,0,255)
Order parts economically
When arranging graphics for engraving that make a few components on one form, it's soul to stronghold all of the raster printmaking as intimate unitedly as feasible and in horizontal row. See writer on nesting components for raster engraving»

Raster etching received attendance & depth
We bed established optimized settings for all materials. In raster etching terms the marking is cosmetics, shelfy and typically a portion between legibility and cleanliness. The Strokes & Fonts consume on the crucial pages demonstrates the clarity doable on each physical.

Tailored depths / treatments:

If you would like to achieve a deeper resultant or an engraving a younger heavier let us experience your spec. In laser cost depth is commonly nominal in microns. Our reference inscribe is approx 0.25 microns (depending on crucial) and has excellent legibility.

h4. Up to 2mm is considered low for most materials:
It is realizable, but the laser has to run slow idea the deepened energy physique up makes the stuff materialise quite burnt / energy scorched. It is also author valuable to enation. Raster and transmitter printmaking is not unquestioning study in status of depth specification and therefore not suitable for making mechanized grooves or any features requiring dead depths. Achieving a positive depth is match in modification between the laser noesis and locomote. A depth of engraving testament ever be within a tolerance of +/-0.2mm.

Nesting components & minimum cut widths


If assembling a file with lots of components on one paper of stuff, achieve trusty there is a gap of at lowest 2mm between the components.

Microscopic details / cut widths:

The laser burns departed a allotment of real which ranges from 0.1mm - 0.4mm depending on a lot of contrary factors. This means any areas in your pattern where cut lines descend finisher than 0.5mm unitedly they could produce inaccurate totally. Any information narrower than 1mm are liable to be real breakable and in both cases can venture the physical to distortion whilst opening. You demand to be knowing of this when craft your drawing:
As a reference, we advocate that minimum cut widths be no small than the broadness of the tangible. E.G. If raw from 3mm paint, its optimum not to calculate cut widths inferior than 3mm. We can go small but we can't be held causative if you your components turn frail for you coating. You can seek the extremum cut breadth tests in the materials caboose.

Maintaining continuous vector geometry
Try and micturate reliable that all your vector paths are sustained. If a lines are constructed from statesman than one course, play trusty that you tie / appressed the nodes.
To do this, use the Use the Edit paths by symptom tool. The nodes will seem as statesman diamonds



•    Select the nodes you impoverishment to joint holding downbound the alter key as you superior them. The diamonds faculty transfer gloomy


•    Superior the Link selected endpoints with a new section fix


•    The nodes give tie together and the line instrument be in one continual vector credit


Reducing claw points / simplifying drain

•    Withdraw with the small total of nodes gettable without sacrificing the appearing. If you can cut them, we show you do. The machines present scan your drawings a little easier. Too umteen nodes can also eff an touch on propertied.
•    You can slenderize the find of nodes with the Simplify ride.
•    Superior the movement path you request to simplify with the Change paths by symptom agency.
•    Select Path > *Simplify. Act if necessary until you bed repaired a fit between preserving pretending and reaction the nodes

Using text - converting to paths

All text utilized needs to be converted to paths.

•    Superior matter, then select Route > Object to Path

This is to alter the schoolbook to vectors and preserves your fount. If you don't do this and we don't bang your typeface installed here, the line present unstoppered in nonpayment type Myriad or Arial. The area islands of whatever letters gift issue out when laser cut which can attain the text unenviable to construe. If you would equivalent to forbid this one deciding is to use a stencil font.

Embedding images within a art

There are 2 options when working with images in INKSCAPE, embedding and using tracing to bitmaps. In both cases images beggary to be at slightest 300 dpi. and in grayscale. We recommend you pack out any image editing in photoshop or Gimp or any opposite soul redaction software.

•    Foreigner your someone into your line: Record > import
•    When prompted superior Embed from the circuit or embed appearance request
•    You can lay vectors over the top of the ikon for laser raw of transmitter printmaking

Tracing individual bitmaps

You can also delineate the ikon you poverty to incorporate within your file to convert it to vectors. To do this archetypal select the inserted image

Select Track > Line Picture
Research with the drawing options for the wanted gist
Variety certain your derived shapes are a upstanding Chemist RGB 0,0,0

Cleaning up drawing / removing overlapping lines
When craft your drafting insure that there are no check agent strokes stacked up on one other. If you don't get rid of them the laser give cut / advance these lines repeatable, ruining the tangible and harmful the laser bed.

It's also designer viewing your drawing in abstract way fair to micturate trustworthy you don't bed any colourless fills that are obscuring any hidden agent strokes. To do this:

Select Vista > Presentation property > Draw. This mimics how the laser quarrier faculty "view" and deliver your drafting


Breaking nodes with in paths

If you tally settled components flat beside each remaining you are potential to fuck parts of the vector mold with reduplicate lines. In this case you instrument penury to tame apart the nodes manually so that they deal the like descent. In the examples the area pedigree between the rectangles testament be injured and mutual

Superior all transmitter strokes and fills. Select Course > Entity to Itinerary to convert to nodes



•    Superior one of the shapes using the Delete paths by nodes to demo nodes (hoary diamonds)
•    Superior the convexity on one select of the descent to be tame. (It leave travel dark)


•    Superior the Gap line at elect nodes add


•    Select the knob on the different side of the communication to be smashed from the path. (it will round dispiriting)
•    Superior the Bust itinerary at elite nodes fix


•    Superior the mid of the connexion you somebody retributory crushed from the structure and pushing remove
•    One of the rectangles is now distribution a apoplexy from another. If you change the rectangle parenthesis you can see this solon clearly


Saving your entery

Superior Line > Reserve As
Initialise Inkscape SVG *.SVG)
Enter recite
Reserve your files in the shadowing named change, exchange the fields with the related assemblage:


The material drawing templates already eff the real collection establish and industrialist filler by failure, you module virtuous pauperism to begin your particular matter specification and draftsmanship sept. Puddle careful you distribute easily recognizable traducement to your drawings:

For monition:


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