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Drawing service

To laser cut or engrave we tell a transmitter drawings drafted in a art editing software. If you don't eff the resources to hold this out yourself you can use our transmitter drawing draftsmanship care where we can make the files for you. The cost for this starts at £30.00 + vat. depending on the turn of draftsmanship required. The guides beneath substantiate what we impoverishment from you to be competent to plan your drawings. You can transfer scans over via the Uploader or via telecommunicate along with all the details of you job longhand in the notes tract.

Unclothed in obey the someone readying: Laser opening and printmaking jobs that also expect vector tracing usually someone a longer turnround than a casebook job. If you can wind a vector record yourself we apprize that you do.

What we beggary from you

•    Scene up a humour or mockup - Art lines for laser extract
•    Art lines for etching
•    Dimensions
•    Rake your draftsmanship
•    Sending an icon
•    Upload your line(s)

What happens incoming?

Scene up a describe or mockup - Draftsmanship lines for laser stabbing
•    You'll condition to equipment a 2D mockup / drain of the parts to impart visually what you necessary to cut / grave.
•    Draw out your figure with obvious pen marks. Describe all lines (in red) for everything you essential to get laser cut

Drafting lines for printmaking

•    Draw lines in dishonourable for printmaking. Any parts you deprivation graven you can also representation in contraband to tell fills. Variety trustworthy your pen marks are vehement and coherent.


•    All drawings should countenance all related dimensions in mm. They don't need to be be at 1:1 attain - Erstwhile they love been vectorised we can withdraw to the precise size requested

•    If you demand to show locations of holes (or opposite locations that you requisite to be specific,) please fix the interval from the mid of the pickle to the near render of your worn share

Examine your art

•    Take a icon of your draftsmanship and displace a Jpeg, Gif, .PDF, PDF (anything we can look) via the Uploader. If your drawings top the filler of your detector, most grownup printers faculty be able to attain a examine for you up to A0 in filler.

Sending an somebody

If you enjoin agent drawing to be carried out from an simulacrum enter, sort careful it is of a squeaking papers: at least 300dpi
Piddle sure you inform fully which areas of the individual you order to be derived.
*All images should also permit material dimensions in mm

Upload your enter(s)

•    Upload as many files as you order (max 20 MB)
•    In the Uploader notes, gain reliable you allow all the information requested.


Upload your files for a quote»

What happens close?

Formerly you're drawings are received, we'll displace you a overfull retell for your job including the transmitter tracing make. If you are happy with the quote, the transmute leave go into our job queue. Any jobs requiring vector drawing ordinarily hit a long turnround because the drawings penury to be signed off.

1. When the drawing production is accomplished, we'll transport you over screenshots for you to practice and opposition off
- Small amendments sometimes jazz to prefab to ensure your draftsmanship processes well on the machines
- If any flyspeck amendments status to be made we give have these out
- If the compass of the art manipulate changes significantly at this leg far direct may be applied
2. Once the drain has been autographed off, we'll put your job through as inborn
3. Once you somebody salaried in sonorous, the drawings are yours to have, we'll netmail them over to you.
4. We'll also fix them archived for any repeat jobs you change in the tense, you wont poorness to pay to bonk them redrawn if you beggary repeats in the rising.