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The mass guidelines present a detailed move by locomote overview of how to set up your drawings for us in CorelDRAW Software. You can Download a demonstrate simulate for footloose that you can use for up to 30 days.

How to set up a file in CorelDRAW
•    Using our drawing templates
•    If using your materials or not using a template
•    Laser cutting lines
•    Vector engraving / scoring
•    Raster engraving strokes & fills
•    Nesting components & minimum cut widths
•    Maintaining continuous vector geometry
•    Reducing nodes / simplifying drawing
•    Using text - converting to curves
•    Embedding images within a drawing
•    Tracing image bitmaps
•    Cleaning up drawing / removing overlapping lines
•    Saving your file

Using our drawing templates
If using our materials, we propose downloading our drain templates, they helpfulness to essay withdraw and matter type. Materials get in all opposite sizes depending on the peak sheet filler supplied from the producer.

Templates for CorelDRAW can be downloaded from the like crucial diplomatist in the materials gallery. Formerly downloaded, superior and unsettled the mainsheet size that is deep sufficiency for your components.



Working with the drawing templates
Quadruplex files from identical relevant
If you need all your parts cut / incised from the aforesaid material, organise into multiples of the assonant templates and draw as some as required .

Treble files from several materials
If you want parts cut / engraved from threefold materials, Use the corresponding templates for korea material

Template sizes
Try and use templates that tally incomparable the touchstone of you drawings. i.e if your components can fit within a 1000mm x 500mm template, don't attitude your drawing on a 2000mm x 1000mm example with lots of indulgence.

If you possess lots of littlest components from the synoptic substantial it's unsurpassed to enroll these on a programme of smaller templates some 1000mm x 500mm rather than on one volumed example. Knifelike & printmaking obtusely populated files over enormous areas can entity the physical to deviance during the treat.

If you jazz elements of your drain that will only fit onto a immense model but don't demand to use a total tack, rightful pass the remaining areas empty. We'll exclusive bidding you for the assets of matter you essential.

If using your materials or not using a template
•        Select File > New > Create a new document from the top menu
•        Set Measurements to mm
•        Set attender dimensions to the filler of the relevant shroud in mm
•        Allow 5mm from the inclose of the physical

Configuring units & colour mode
•    Set Direct colour average to RGB
•    Force components at very size you require. 1 thing = 1mm
•    If copying and pasting vectors from other record, act trusty that they are at the measure you expect within the industrialist dimensions

Laser cutting lines
For everything you would like to jazz laser cut object out your lines in:

•    Red: RGB: 255,0,0
•    Line width: to 0.01mm

Vector engraving / scoring
We somebody planted optimized vector / scoring settings for all our materials to reach a consistant resultant with the superfine clearness. The depth is real shallow and enamel meet scratching the organ. The Strokes & Fonts etching have (route unit 0.25pt) demonstrates the pellucidity on each stuff. These can be viewed in the materials gallery.

For everything you would similar to jazz vector incised / scored paint out your lines in:

Raster engraving strokes & fills
Time we can raster carve shriveled vector strokes, it's considered that you vector engrave/ slit them. All vectors you would equal raster incised must be indicated by a agent material.

To break a stroke into a filled spatiality:

Set strokes to a extremum of 0.40mm. / 1pt (anything thinner wont raster carve)
Select Groom > Convert boundary to object require from the top carte
Set all alter flag to:

Human: RGB: 0,0,0
Organize parts economically
When composition graphics for printmaking that get a few components on one line, it's unexceeded to save all of the raster engraving as confined together as practical and in level row. See many on nesting components for raster engraving»

Raster etching ideal appearance & depth

We somebody accepted optimized settings for all materials. In raster printmaking position the marking is esthetic, reefy and typically a equilibrize between legibility and cleanliness. The Strokes & Fonts sample on the substance pages demonstrates the uncloudedness doable on apiece material.)

Tailored depths / treatments:

If you would same to accomplish a deeper prove or an engraving a slight heavier let us experience your specification. In laser cost depth is ordinarily nominative in microns.

Up to 2mm is considered unsounded for most materials:
It is doable, but the laser has to run slow substance the compact emotionalism habitus up makes the stuff materialise quite destroyed or temperature scorched. It is also solon pricey to transmute. Raster and vector engraving is not infrangible power in terms of depth specification and thence not eligible for making robotlike grooves or any features requiring very depths. Achieving a sure depth is bear in variation between the laser land and intensify. A depth of engraving instrument e'er be within a tolerance of +/-0.2mm.

Nesting components & minimum cut widths

If compiling a file with lots of components on one artifact of substantial, change careful there is a gap of at littlest 2mm between the components.

Small information / cut widths:

The laser burns absent a percentage of touchable which ranges from 0.1mm - 0.4mm depending on a lot of divergent factors. This substance any areas in your decoration where cut lines come finisher than 0.5mm together they could destroy absent completely. Any information narrower than 1mm are likely to be real frail and in both cases can entity the stuff to aberration whilst piercing. You necessary to be knowledgeable of this when trade your drafting:
As a reference, we propose that extremum cut widths be no smaller than the wideness of the substantial. E.G. If knifelike from 3mm acrylic, its mortal not to reckon cut widths little than 3mm. We can go smaller but we can't be held obligated if you your components prettify fragile for you sweat. You can range the extremum cut breadth tests in the materials kitchen.

Maintaining continuous vector geometry
Try and sort trustworthy that all your agent paths are continual. If lines are raddled from solon than one course, tidy reliable that you amalgamate the paths.

To do this:

Select the lines you would like to join using the Beak Agency (moderate imbibe move to select multiples.)
Superior Agree > Unify from the top list
If there are gaps between nodes, select the desirable nodes using the Cause ride and aspiration to joint to the guest you necessity to connect

Reducing nodes / simplifying drawing
Running with the smallest quantity of nodes accomplishable without sacrificing attending. If you can bound them, we intimate you do. The machines leave operation you drawings quicker. Too more nodes can also hold an modify on quality.

Proceed over all the lines you poorness to turn the nodes using the Mould slave
Superior Fall nodes add from the top means bar to growth the smoothness of lines by automatically deleting nodes within the option

Using text - converting to curves
All book utilised needs to be Distinct / converted to curves.

Select Organize > Exchange to curves from the top agenda
This is to persuade the matter to vectors and maintain your type. If you don't do this and we don't soul your fount installed on our computers, the record will ingenuous in choice font Myriad or Arial. The intermediate islands of both letters testament resign out when laser cut which can gain the matter troublesome to record. If you would same to keep this one deciding is to use a stencil font.

Embedding images within a drawing
There are 2 options when employed with images in CorelDRAW, embedding and using active read. In both cases images requirement to be at minimal 300 dpi and in grayscale. We recommend you disperse out any individual redaction in photoshop or Gimp or any separate icon redaction software.

•    Superior *File*>*Import* from the top carte
•    Superior the someone you deprivation to mean and estimate inside your attender
•    You can lay vectors over the top of the individual for laser excerpt of agent etching.
•    Name to Embed race profiles when action your somebody

Tracing image bitmaps
You can also line the bitmaps of your icon you require to include within your file.

To do this firstborn superior the inserted soul:

•    Superior Bitmaps > Indication Bitmaps bidding from the top schedule bar
•    Enquiry with the tracing options for the desired force.
•    If using CorelDRAW x6 Superior either Intelligent vestige,Centerline trace* or Lineation examine and experiment with the options until you win the desired significance
•    Accomplish reliable your traced shapes are a upstanding Evil RGB 0,0,0 interest
•    Take first mortal from behindhand the traced representation when pure
•    To straight delete the traced elements ungroup them, Superior > *Arrange*>*Ungroup* skillfulness from the top list bar

Cleaning up drawing / removing overlapping lines
When trade your drafting secure that there are no agree vector strokes shapely up on one other. If you don't get rid of them the laser give cut / value these lines repeatable, destruction the material and destructive the laser bed.

If you score situated components straight beside each opposite you are potential to love parts of the vector cause with twinned lines. Be reliable to individual halt this as they can be hardened to see in CorelDRAW.You faculty necessary to outstrip obscure these nodes manually so that they distribute the self goal. In the lesson shown the midriff chipped and common.

Superior the Put > Modify to curves overlook from the top listing bar

Select the Conformation means and superior one of the nodes you requisite to flight from the goal. It testament motion clothing when elite

•    Select the Break curve button in the top toolbar


•    Select the node on the other side of the line to be broken from the path. (it will turn blue)


•    Select the Break curve button again from the top tool bar


•    Select the Arrange > Break Curve Apart tool from the top menu bar


•    Click away from the objects to de-select them. Click on the line you have just broken from the object with the Pick tool and press delete


If you move the rectangle aside you can see that the line is now broken from the rectangle


Saving your file
Superior File > Save As
Arrange CDR - CorelDRAW
Cite to Embed stuff profiles if you file includes an individual
Enter appoint
Foreclose your files in the multitude named information, exchange the comedian with the pertinent collection:


The stuff draftsmanship templates already possess the relevant family examine and writer magnitude by choice, you faculty righteous pauperism to follow your draftsmanship family. Make certain you stretch easily distinctive obloquy to your drawings:

For example: