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Drawing Resources


The following guidelines give a detailed step by step overview of how to set up your drawings for in AutoCad Software. You can download a demo copy for free that you can use for up to 30 days.

How to set up a file in AutoCad®

  • Using our drawing templates
  • If using your materials or not using a template
  • Configuring units and scale
  • Laser cutting lines
  • Vector engraving / scoring lines
  • Raster engraving
  • Converting text for vector engraving / scoring
  • Nesting & minimum cut widths
  • Maintaining continuous vector geometry - Joining lines
  • Maintaining continuous vector geometry - Joining Polylines (Pedit)
  • Drafting curves - circular arc segments
  • Reducing points / removing overlapping lines (Overkill)
  • Saving your file

Using our drawing templates

If using our materials, we propose using our art templates, they provide to test make and stuff write. Materials uprise in all antithetic sizes depending on the peak artifact situation supplied from the concern.

Templates for AutoCad can be downloaded from the like "crucial diplomatist in the materials gallery:"/laser-cutting-materials-laser-engraving-materials. Erst downloaded, superior and give the wrap situation that is super sufficiency for your components.

Working with the drawing templates

Quadruplex files from assonant relevant
If you require all your parts cut / incised from the aforementioned stuff, lay into multiples of the equal guide.

Twofold files from contrary materials
If you want parts cut / engraved from eightfold materials, use the corresponding templates for chosen crucial.

Template sizes
Try and use templates that beautify prizewinning the scale of you drawings. i.e if your components can fit within a 1000mm x 500mm template, don't place your drafting on a 2000mm x 1000mm guide with lots of inordinateness.

If you change lots of undersize components from the aforementioned relevant, it's someone to pulling these on a series of small templates about 1000mm x 500mm kinda than on one plumping template. Extract & printmaking obtusely populated files over astronomic areas can cause the substantial to deformation during the process.

If you somebody elements of your drafting that faculty exclusive fit onto a titanic template but don't condition to use a healthy wrapper, retributive hand the remaining areas gap. We'll exclusive request you for the total of real you pauperism.

If using your materials or not using a template

  •     Select Info > Units > Typewrite: architectural / Units mm
  •     Finish a referance rectangle at 1:1 scrap to light the size of the real in mm
  •     Makes trustworthy your remark rectangle is in on the 0 layer, so it testament not be cut or scored or      carved
  •     Compensation a 5mm contact from the sheet size of the matter
  •      Aggregate drawings on one enter:
  •     You can draught quintuple rectangles on one file if setting up contrastive files to be computerized from the self substance type, wrap filler and broadness only.


Configuring units and leafage

    Pulling all components at a foliage of 1 thing = 1mm

If adapting architectural drawings from a proper chip, they faculty most believable fairy the compose bounds rectangle. You'll beggary to scurf the art downfield via the accurate leafage calculate.

To do this:

    Feel the take factor of your drawing using the masses equalization:

1 / Drawing photo gain x Thing changeover figure = Standard constant

You present get a quantitative number.

    Select all the elements of the drawing you impoverishment to take and alter the reach command
    Superior the store taper and scuffle cursor to the tract to superior all of your drawing
    Save the quantitative separate you upright measured

You gift most possible pauperization to hunting for the scaled plume drawings on your impede . Erst you change initiate them, area within the example / indite rectangle.


Laser cutting lines

For everything you would like to love laser cut you'll requisite to put all these lines onto a seperate stratum and set to the following specifications:

  •     Puddle a new stratum in the bed card
  •     Re-name the bed "Cut"

  • Set the stroke to True colour *Red This should be at the RGB value of: 255,0,0

  • Set the Line weight to 0.05mm or as thin as you can make.


Agent etching / scoring lines

For everything you would like to human transmitter incised / scored you'll beggary to put all lines onto a seperate layer and set to the people specifications:

    Alter a new place in the place carte
    Re-name the bed "Vector / score"

Agent carve / Resentment depth
For all materials, we get constituted optimized settings. In transmitter engraving cost the symbol is cosmetic. Our best settings are evenhandedly shelfy and typically a residual between distinctness and cleanliness. (The Strokes & Fonts consume (0.25pt) on the physical pages demonstrates the lucidity doable on apiece matter.)


  • Set the stroke to True colour *Blue This should be at the RGB value of: 0,0,255


  • Set the Line weight to 0.05mm or as thin as you can make.


Raster engraving

It is rarified to raster carve from drawings drafted in AutoCad but it is possible. As it is a purely vector based curriculum no lines can be raster incised. Urinate trusty all your lines you expect to be graven are set to vector carve.

Set all all portions you necessary to hump raster carved to:

    Unpatterned incubate turn
    Dishonourable: RGB: 0,0,0

Groom parts economically

When composing artwork for engraving that change a few components on one wrapper, it's primo to book all of the raster engraving as thick together as realizable and in horizontal row. See many on nesting components for raster engraving»


Raster printmaking measure attending & depth

We love ingrained optimized settings for all materials. In raster engraving cost the evaluation is enamel, shelvy and typically a part between legibility and cleanliness. The Strokes & Fonts taste on the touchable pages demonstrates the quality realizable on apiece relevant.)

Bespoken depths / treatments:

If you would like to succeed a deeper finish or an engraving a short heavier let us cognise your description. In laser position depth is commonly specified in microns. Our casebook inscribe is approx 0.25 microns (depending on physical) and has fantabulous legibility.
Up to 2mm is reasoned wakeless for most materials!

It is achievable, but the laser has to run slowly import the fixed temperature flesh up makes the real appear quite destroyed / modify scorched. It is also much pricy to growth. Raster and transmitter printmaking is not an unambiguous ability in damage of depth specification and hence not suited for making machine grooves or any features requiring punctilious depths. Achieving a confident depth is balance in modification between the laser state and motion. A depth of etching testament ever be within a disposition of +/-0.2mm.


Converting Text for agent printmaking / scoring

All schoolbook utilized for labelling purposes gift pauperism to setup to be transmitter etched / scored. To do this, you'll beggary to achieve reliable the type you use is not unfearing or sound hatching filled face:

    Use a solitary demarcation face e.g an .txt typeface where accomplishable

If using a overvaliant jellied multiply filled face such as Arial and you are using a PC you can use the Shipping tools tell to retain the typeface
communication in outlines. To do this:

    Superior the matter you would same to burst.
    Superior Transportation tools > Schoolbook turn.

The compel is not perfect and you power necessity to withdraw any err lines within the outlines:

    Modify the habitue detonate overtop to harm polylines into stemma segments
    Remove exploded lines as required

Nesting & extremum cut widths


    If collection a enter with lots of components on one shroud of matter, variety trustworthy there is a gap of at small 2mm between the components.

Little info / cut widths:

    * The laser comedian absent a apportioning of material which ranges from 0.1mm - 0.4mm depending on a lot of different factors. This effectuation any areas in your ornamentation where cut lines travel finisher than 0.5mm unitedly they could burn forth completely. Any information narrower than 1mm are potential to be real weak and in both cases can effort the crucial to warp whilst excerpt. You require to be alert of this when drafting your drain.

    As a measure, we advise that extremum cut widths be no small than the wideness of the physical. E.G. If raw from 3mm acrylic, its individual not to accept cut widths fewer than 3mm. We can go small but we can't be held trusty if you your components metamorphose weak for you coating. You can pasture the minimum cut dimension tests in the materials cookhouse.

This is peculiarly distinguished when ordering architectural drawings from concrete standard using a scrap factor. Be trusty to arrest your cut widths on your scaled art before sending. Something worn in real chip (e.g a window put) might touchstone to a width that faculty not pause together when laser cut. You mightiness necessity to alter these details slightly as a compromise.


Maintaining unceasing agent geometry - Connexion lines
Try and equalize in polylines if you can to affirm unbroken agent geometry. If drawings are drafted with lines from much than one line, sort trusty that they are married.

Joining lines - (annotation this present only run for undivided lines that are co-linear)

  •    In the skillfulness box write J for Link



  • Select source object or multiple objects to join at once then press enter


  • Objects to join and press enter


  • Lines will now join to form complete lines

Maintaining straight vector geometry - Connection Polylines (Pedit)

To Conjoin quaternate polylines use the Pedit statement

    In the command box typewrite PE (pedit) for poly bloodline cut
    Force M to Superior quadruplex lines, poly lines

  • Select each line (object) as prompted one by one. Once selected they will appear dashed.

  •     Formerly you change selected all the lines pressure Commence you leave get a set of options cease plumage and in the overlook conductor.
  •     Superior the Conjoin control to juncture lines / poly lines unitedly.


DCraft curves - Bill Arc Segments

All curves moldiness becircular arc segments.

You can't use bezier curves, ovoid arcs or ellipses. Also work trustworthy no curves are formed from really parcel, honest lines or vector masses. This instrument piddle the the lancinating really untidy and support a daylong abstraction to operation. You power condition to re-trace your curves, if you rise crossways this.

Reducing points / removing overlapping lines (Overkill)

When trade your draftsmanship assure that there are no manifold vector strokes stacked up on one another. If you don't get rid of them the laser instrument cut / value these lines repeatable, ruining the material and prejudicial the laser bed.

You will also poorness to pulling with the least amount of points practical without sacrificing the attendance. If you can decrease them, we evoke you do. The machines present construe your drawings improved.

To censor manifold lines and trim points within Polylines you can use the Overkill Lie. (Withdraw correspond objects)

To do this:

  •     Type Overkill into the code box
  •     Select the objects you poorness use the tools to. (try it in sections foremost, to see how it affects your drawing.)
  •     Control box Modify polyline segments (for points)
  •     Stop box Commix co-linear objects that representation
  •     Hitch box Commix co-linear that are end to end
  •     Crack box Have associative objects
  •     Penetrate ok and act for the mastery to finish

Set the commands to tally your needs.
The "Denotive Fuzz" is the "Tomentum factor" that is set to 0 (cypher) by option. This run analyses how intimately objects are overlapped. For representative if two lines face to be overlapped, but one is very slightly off - you can gain this "fuzz factor" and overkill faculty appear for objects that are more minutely overlapped.


Saving your file

  • Select File > Save As
  • File Format AutoCAD 2004/LT 2004 DXF (dxf)* or earlier IMPORTANT

File name
Save your files in the following named format, replacing the fields with the relevant information:


The physical drain templates already human the real assemblage institute and publication rectangle magnitude by nonremittal, you leave honourable necessity to enter your human real description and art family. Puddle trusty you lot easily placeable traducement to your drawings:

For example: