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Metal Laser Marking

Metal optical device marking is another technique that involves the fundamental optical device engraving method. throughout this method a special chemical marking compound is employed. Surface depths can not be achieved, the surface of the fabric is marked with permanent black marks. This method is usually used for metal engraving however it additionally works well on alternative laborious materials like ceramic, marbles and stones.


It’s all about your Laser artwork!

You send U.S. your design. Like optical maser engraving the marking method involves mistreatment crammed vector fills and strokes or image files in 100 percent black. Best to create positive that none of the design is gray or the other color for that matter.








metal sheet laser cutting gurgaonTime to apply the marking compound!

We spray your material with the marking compound factory-made by the corporate Cermark. once the optical device comes into contact with the compound it heats the graven areas to a heat that fuses with the surface to show them black.





Your job is run as a standard laser engraving

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The machine moves down the your drawing to mark your material. When the laser has finished, we wash the excess compound from the surface to reveal the metallic surface with the black marking! Magical!





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