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Material Properties

Slate is a fine-grained, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original sedimentary rock. It is expertly cut with a specialized tool used directly from the quarry.

Laser cutting not achievable

It’s not possible to laser cut slate with Co2 laser machines. It is best to have it supplied to us pre-cut to size using a waterjet cutting service.

Raster & Vector engraving

The results achieved when laser engraving slate differ depending on the type of slate you supply. In most cases it laser engraves beautifully just scratching the surface with a pale whitish tone in contrast to the grey. Slate is an incredible hard material meaning deep engraving can’t be achieved. We will not know how the laser reacts to your slate until we test it meaning we can’t guarantee any specific outcome or result. You will need to supply us with a portion of the slate if possible for sampling purposes for us to test and prove the material settings prior to running a job. There is a charge for initial sampling.

Engraving slate can sometimes produce dust particles that will need to be cleaned from the surface once you receive your job.

Deeper engraving

Because slate is such a hard material it isn’t possible to achieve any surface depths beyond a light surface marking.



Your supply for laser engraving only. We don’t hold stock of any slate material, you will need to supply.
Thickness:     Machine holds any thickness up to 330mm
Sheet size:     Max engrave area is 1246×710mm.
Max weight:     30kg
Drawing templates

Drawing templates are not currently available for this material. Draft your file so that your art board matches the size of your marble sheet.

See the drawing guidelines for more on setting up a file for engraving


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