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Satin silver aluminium

Satin silver aluminium

Material Properties

A specialist engraving material that can be easily cut with a shears or guillotine. Trophy Aluminium is ideal for producing plates and plaques with a high detailed finish.

Typical applications

Signs and display, rating plates, control panel, fascias and labels.


Due to the nature of the manufacturing process minor variations in shade may occur from sheet to sheet.

Laser cutting not achievable

Metallic materials can’t be laser cut using C02 laser machines. We can however cut standard sheet sizes down to any rectangular or square measurement(s) specified.

Raster engraving

The laser is optimized to remove the top surface layer for a clean crisp engraving. Text engraves with exceptional clarity.

Deeper engraving

Because metal is such a hard material it isn’t possible to achieve any depths beyond a surface marking.


Satin Silver Trophy Aluminium

This material is for laser engraving only, however it can be pre-cut to any required size(s) by our suppliers.
Our supply:     Special order material
Thickness:     0.5mm only
Sheet size:     1200×600mm max sheet size.
Download trophy aluminium drawing template


Adobe illustrator: *.ai drawing template
Coreldraw: *.cdr drawing template
Inkscape: *.svg drawing template

See drawing guidelines for more on setting up a file using the drawing template.


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