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The Laser Cutting Process

Laser cutting may be a precise technique of cutting a style from a given material employing a CAD file to guide it. There ar 3 main kinds of lasers employed in the industry: dioxide lasers Nd and Nd-YAG. we have a tendency to use CO a pair of machines. This involves firing a optical device that cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing your laser cutting material. you'll get a extremely fine level of cutting detail on with a good style of materials. Keep in mind that CO a pair of lasers can’t cut metals and laborious materials, they'll however engrave them.

Laser head and tolerance

laser cutting

The beam is emitted from what’s known as the ‘laser tube’ and is mirrored
by many mirrors up into the ‘laser head’ (like a optical instrument.) at intervals the pinnacle could be a lens that finely focuses the beam onto the fabric surface for cutting or engraving.

The kerf refers to what proportion of the fabric the optical maser takes away once cutting through. (the breadth of the groove created whereas cutting.) This varies from material to material and is additionally enthusiastic about the beam tolerance i.e. the breadth of the beam. All our Machines have a awfully fine tolerance.








Step 1. Getting together your artwork

laser cutting

You send Us your design and that we check to envision if it's fine
for the optical device cutter and therefore the material you'd
wish to cut. The machine reads vector strokes of hairline
thickness in red or as skinny as you create them.








Step 2. We'll configure the laser cutters settings

Laser Cutting

We lay your chosen material in our machine bed and set up the machine to chop your design. we have a tendency to alter the ability, Speed and Frequency to fit your specific material.

we've got four optical maser cutters in our studio.the utmost sheet size
we will cut is a massive 1600mm x 1000mm.






Step 3. We process your job

Laser Cutting

The machine can then follow the trail of your drawing strokes to chop out the elements you have got drawn.

Depending on the fabric, we tend to sometimes use a protecting backing throughout the optical device cutting method which will be stark naked away once the cutting is complete. This protects the surface from heat and burn marks.





Laser Cutting

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