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Vector Engraving / Scoring

Vector engraving could be a technique of marking or grading a cloth surface. just like the optical device cutting method the beam of light can follow the trail of vector strokes while not cutting all the manner through. The breadth of the stroke is created at the kerf of the optical device i.e approx 0.2mm. To engrave thicker strokes, we'd have to be compelled to use the formation engraving technique or de-focus the optical device slightly.

laser cutting services in delhiGetting together your artwork

You send us your design, the machine reads vector strokes of hairline thickness in blue – zero.01mm. this can be a similar thickness as once getting ready a file for optical maser cutting thus you wish to make sure you create them black for United States to know the way to method your job.








laser cutting on wood, laser cut designs

We'll setup the machine for your material and design

Vector engraving may be processed aboard optical device cutting and formation engraving that means your drawings got to be found out properly. we tend to then tack the machine to scan your drawing properly and vector engrave your material.

You can allow us to acumen significant you'd like these marks to be. you'll mild mark the fabric surface or engrave fairly deep or nearly cutting through.







laser cut on paper boards, fabric laser cut

Let's go!

The optical device head then follows the blue vector lines and marks the surface of your material. Sections that you just would love cut area unit typically run once the vector engraving. protecting backing also can be accustomed stop burn marks. during this case the optical device engraves through the backing and also the material that you peel off later.







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