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Bonding acrylic and other plastics

Advice on glues to use and techniques involved when bonding plastics

Everything you need to know about acrylic

How it is manufactured, how to clean, how to prevent static and more…

Laser cut edge of thick and thin materials

What to expect from the laser cut edge of thick and thin materials, focal lengths and heat disperpation

Burn / heat marks and how we prevent them

General advice on what causes burn and heat marks and ways we can (and in some cases can’t) prevent them.

Understanding the "kerf" of the laser

What is “kerf” and how it differs from material to material.

Power distribution and raster engraving

How different sized artwork and drawing layout have a variation on raster engraving

What is Flashback?

What is flash back and how is it minimized?

Laser engraving acrylic techniques

Techniques used when laser engraving acrylic for different effects.

Engraving bare metals

How metals react to the laser.

Box maker .PDF generator

Online tool generates a PDF you can use to cut a notched box on a laser-cutter.

iPad laser engraving Drawing Setup

Guidelines for engraving your iPad with text, a logo or even a pattern.

Phone, laptop other device engraving guidelines

How to set up a drawing for laser engraving an iPhone, Macbook Pro and other devices.

Photo laser engraving guidelines

Choosing the right image for successful photo engraving.


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