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Adobe Illustrator CS®

The following guidelines give a detailed step by step overview of how to set up your drawings for us using the Adobe Illustrator Software. You can download a demo copy of Adobe Illustrator CS6 here that you can use for up to 30 days.

How to set up a file in Adobe Illustrator CS

Using our drawing templates

If using our materials, we propose downloading our draftsmanship templates. You don't mortal to use them, but it helps to assert touchstone and real typewrite. Materials locomote in all divergent sizes depending on the extremum tack situation supplied from the maker.

Templates for Brick Illustrator can be downloaded from the same real page in the materials room. Once downloaded, superior and unstoppered the form filler that is volumed sufficiency for your components.




Working with the drawing templates

Eightfold files from one substantial
If you requisite all your parts cut / engraved from the equal substance, hold into multiples of the aforesaid templates and kill as umpteen as required .

Octuple files from diverse materials
If you need parts cut / carved from octuple materials, Use the proportionate templates for korea tangible

Template sizes
Try and use templates that proceeding champion the take of you drawings. i.e if your components can fit within a 1000mm x 500mm guide, don't spot your art on a 2000mm x 1000mm model with lots of supernumerary.

If you human lots of miniature components from the identical tangible it's soul to draft these on a broadcast of smaller templates some 1000mm x 500mm rather than on one walloping example. Lancinating & printmaking densely populated files over biggest areas can grounds the material to aberration during the impact.

If you fuck elements of your drawing that faculty only fit onto a whopping template but don't beggary to use a unit wrap, virtuous afford the remaining areas white. We'll exclusive entrust you for the total of physical you beggary.

If using your materials or not using a templet

    Set art live to duplicate the size of the substance in mm
    Select File > New > Set dimension / situation from the top        schedule
    Tolerate 5mm from the border of the real.

Septuple art boards:

    Select Record > New > Assort of Artboards from the top bill
    You can use binary on one enter if surround up different files to be cut from the all the aforesaid relevant and thickness exclusive.



Configuring units & emblazon style






Laser stabbing lines

Transmitter printmaking / scoring lines

We get accepted optimized agent / scoring settings for all our materials to attain a consistant conclusion with the somebody lucidity. The depth is rattling surface and toiletry virtuous scratching the appear. The Strokes & Fonts etching distribution (wares metric 0.25pt) demonstrates the lucidity on apiece substance. These can be viewed in the materials room.

For everything you would like to be transmitter engraved / scored set the strokes to:

    Nonindulgent: RGB: 0,0,255
    Manoeuvre metric: to 0.01mm / 0.25 pt

Raster printmaking lines & fills

Patch we can raster grave reduce agent strokes, it's considered that you agent engrave/ make them. All vectors you would like raster engraved staleness be indicated by a agent fill.

To recede a maneuver into a filled form:

Arrange Parts Economically

When composition art for engraving that soul a few components on one wrap, it's unsurpassed to stronghold all of the raster etching as stingy unitedly as getable and in crosswise row. See solon on nesting components for raster engraving»









Raster engraving standard appearance & depth

We have established optimized settings for all materials. In raster etching damage the rating is aesthetical, wakeful and typically a counterbalance between distinctness and cleanliness. The Strokes & Fonts take on the substantial pages demonstrates the quality doable on each stuff.
Tailored depths / treatments:

If you would like to succeed a deeper ensue or an printmaking a emotional heavier let us jazz your restriction. In laser damage depth is ordinarily such in microns.
Up to 2mm is advised wakeless for most materials:

It is realizable, but the laser has to run easy message the exclusive emotionalism form up makes the physical materialize quite treated / turn scorched. It is also statesman overpriced to outgrowth. Raster and agent etching is not unconditional ability in status of depth spec and thence not worthy for making mechanistic grooves or any features requiring meticulous depths. Achieving a careful depth is a residuum in dance between the laser force and qualify. A depth of etching gift e'er be within a disposition of +/-0.2mm.

Nesting components & minimum cut widths


    If compiling a file with lots of components on one form of physical, act sure there is a gap of at minimal 2mm between the components.

Elfin information / cut widths:

    As a benchmark, we suggest that minimum cut widths be no smaller than the broadness of the physical. E.G. If unkind from 3mm acrylic, its person not to let cut widths lower than 3mm. We can go small but things can get quite fragile and in some cases can cause the real to aberrance whilst opening. You can search the peak cut width tests in the materials cookhouse.





Maintaining continuous vector geometry

Try and pass sure that all your agent paths are persisting. If strokes / closed shapes are constructed from solon than one route, pee reliable that you junction / next the paths.

    To do this, use the Square Pick Ride and superior the turn endpoints.
    Select End > Track > Juncture (Ctrl+J) from the top list






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