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Laser Wood Cutting By Hari Om Laser

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When cutting and engraving wood and timber with the laser, high processing speed and clean edges are particularly important. laser Wood cutting in Delhi NCR produce a clean laser cut and accurate edges, even when working on highly complex object shapes and sizes. Time consuming and difficult cleaning processes fall away as no chips are produced when cutting or engraving wood or timber with the laser.

When cutting or engraving wood  with the laser, personalization and individualization are often most important: text or lines are applied to photo frames to increase their value; photographs or even logos can be realized with incredible detail with the laser. Hot stamping using a dye cannot produce such accurate detail, nor is it possible to switch immediately to a different motif. Using the laser provides the user with extreme flexibility and the ability to refine the woods in a very high quality.

Laser cutting wood offers the advantages of sharp corners, tight angles, and intricate scroll work with tight tolerances and repeatability that traditional woodworking methods do not allow. 

Whether it’s for the production of furniture, point of sale displays, signage, or even decorative ornaments, you’ll find that our wood laser cutting service in Melbourne can often produce stunning results, providing a lovely ‘burnt’ tone on tone finish 

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