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The laser sublimates the leather surface, which means that the leather changes to its gaseous phase ("evaporates"). With increasing laser performance and decreasing travel speed, the depth of the engraving is increased. Genuine leather but also many imitation leather sorts are suited for processing with a laser.When laser cutting, etching and engraving leather, motifs, letters and designs are burnt into the leather.

Another plus of leather laser cutting services in Delhi ncr is the clean and sealed cutting edge it produces. There will be no fraying of the material. Unlike other methods, working with the laser is contact-less. Leather is tough and produces significant resistance for the tool. The only exception is the laser beam. Another positive side effect: The laser produces constant results, without any wear or tear.

One of the main reasons for loving Laser cutting of  leather, is the minimizing of waste. We can cut so close to other patterns that it is possible to reduce waste to a bare minimum and increase the amount of products made from a hide.

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