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Different Types Of Fabric Laser Cutting

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The use of lasers has exploded within the fashion industry! fabric Laser cutting in Delhi has become increasing popular. Intricate details can be cut and engraved on a huge range of fabric including latex, rubber, leather, cotton,silk, polyester and other synthetic weaves. Laser cutting fabric is the perfect solution for quilt shops, designers, teachers and more!

Laser Cut Fabric specializes in a wide array of laser cutting for various types of applications like swim suit, decorative panels , medical applications etc

Remember, you can also laser engrave patterns and images onto most fabrics. Your artwork is subtlety burnt into the surface. The result really depends on the type you use, but most can be engraved with incredible detail.

Laser cutting is so popular within in the textile industry today, you will have some laser cut fabric products in your home without even knowing! Our laser cutting machines can cut and engrave a wide range of materials including natural and synthetic fabrics from a roll with a much higher production rate than traditional cutting methods.

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