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Laser Cutting on Acrylic Items

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The laser cut produces crystal-clear cutting edges and inner contours and no additional after-treatment of the material is required. Cast PMMA is cut without burrs. No cost- and time-intensive manual flame polishing of the cutting edge is required. When engraving acrylic glass and Plexiglas, the laser removes the surfaces.With the laser, you can realize even the most delicate geometries or photo-engravings on acrylic. The inner edges are crystal-clear and flame-polished, and the laser user generates added value with the new products.

Acrylic plastic is a highly versatile material that is widely used in an extensive variety of products, from consumer electronics and vehicles to everyday products and much more.

Precise axis drives and intelligent air flow of the Hari Om Laser  systems ensure always optimal results during Acrylic laser cutting services in delhi  . Low-reflection aluminum support lamellas guarantee that workpieces always turn out perfect.

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